MCCoA is a non-profit entity.  Services are provided to those who qualify based on need not finances; however, donations are encouraged and accepted.

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Definition and Purpose
Chore Service is a program that provides assistance with certain household repairs, seasonal cleaning, and other chores and errands.  The purpose of the program is to help older people continue independent living.

Mercer County residents age 60 and over who are unable to do the work themselves may be eligible.  The MCCoA outreach worker visits the client and completes an individual assessment which helps determine eligibility.  Service is ordinarily not offered if an able body person lives with the client.  MCCoA reserves the right to inspect potential chore service to determine if it is within the scope of what MCCoA staff can complete.

During spring, summer, and fall the waiting time is usually two to four weeks.  The waiting time is shortest during the winter months.  Clients are required to stay home while the chore work is being done.

​Work Permitted

  • Simple household repairs
  • Seasonal deep cleaning
  • Limited seasonal yard clean up
  • Install and remove screen and storm doors and windows
  • Limited inside painting
  • Limited outside painting
  • Installation of smoke alarms/battery replacement

Work not permitted

  • Light housework
  • Routine lawn mowing
  • Major home repair
  • Major appliance repair
  • Wall papering
  • Second story painting
  • Cleaning second story spouting
  • Personal care
  • ​No electrical or plumbing

Tools Provided
Chore workers have a tool kit, ladders, drop cloths, buckets, vacuum, carpet shampooer, hedge clipper, pressure washer, etc.

Clients must either provide or pay the Center for paint, paint brushes and rollers, and all cleaning supplies including carpet shampoo. Clients may also be required to purchase additional materials and supplies to complete some projects.

Target Population
Chore services are for all elderly persons with a valid need for service, however, state and federal regulations specify the following priorities: persons age 75 and over, persons with a handicap or an illness, minorities, those with a low income, and those who are isolated.

Chore Services

Chore Services


Services are provided in all urban and rural areas of Mercer County.